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HMO’s & Students

Student Properties

HMO’s & Separate Tenancies


Staffordshire boasts two high demand universities, Keele university and Staffordshire university and we’re well equipped to cater for both.

Ensure your property is top of the pecking order we work closely with the universities, social groups and of course the usual portals to ensure your property gets the exposure it deserves.


Houses of Multiple Occupation 

Managing professional HMO’s or “House Shares” is often mistook for being the same as managing several separate households.

Ensuring good communication, rules and promoting good behaviour is paramount for a thriving multiple occupation property.

We know from experience that the implementation of just a few tips and tricks can really make your property stand head and shoulders above the rest.

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Safety & Compliance 

If you’ve read through our website, you may have noticed by now that we pride ourselves on property compliance, tenant safety and Landlord Liability.

HMO’s and Student properties, in terms of fire & safety hazards would be considered high risk, so it has never been more important to ensure that residents are safe and landlord properties are compliant.



Multiple occupation properties come with a whole host of hoops that need to be jumped through, one of which is licensing. 

Licensing varies from property to property and county to county. There’s no one set rule across the country but this doesn’t mean you will be forgiven for not having a license when you should. 

Failure to comply can result in a penalty fine of up to £30,000! 


One of the untold secrets and most overlooked by managing agents is house share harmony and cohesion. 

It may not seem like a top priority but problematic tenants and poor mediation between co living residents can result in small issues becoming big problems. 

We have a model that ensures regular and transparent communication between tenants to ensure issues can be raised and solved in a fair and secure way.

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